MMR 15-30 Catch-up Campaign

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As you may be aware NZ had a measles outbreak in 2019 and the 15-30 age group were most affected – 70% of all cases.

Data tells us 40% of this age group have no vaccination record results and/or have never been vaccinated against measles. As our borders begin to open progressively with other countries, the threat of another measles outbreak is a very real risk to the 15-30 age group.

The Ministry of Health is running a campaign with DHB’s to vaccinate as many of this age group as possible. Community Health 4 Kids and WBOP PHO are partnering with Secondary Schools to operate an on-site Secondary School vaccination programme in Term 3. This is likely to be in August.

The vaccine is available for any student who wishes to be protected against the measles. If you are unsure whether your teenager has had a MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccination and/or only had 1 MMR vaccination and/or can find no evidence, then it is safe to consent to one (1) MMR vaccination. MMR education and consent forms will be sent out to all secondary students later this term.