Junior Health Work - Sexuality Education


During Term 3 Year 9 and 10 students will cover work in Sexuality Education as a part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.  The course will be taught during Health lessons by the class Health and Physical Education teacher.

The lessons will cover various aspects of sexuality across the two years and may include:

● Hormonal changes during puberty

● Healthy relationships

● Assertiveness and dealing with peer pressure

● Postponing sexual activity

● Media messages and myths around sexuality

● Gender/sexuality

● Contraception

● STI’s and the consequences of early sexual involvement

● Consent

● Pornography

Families who do not wish their young person to take part in the sexuality programme are able to withdraw them from this unit of work. An alternative arrangement can be made for them during these lessons. Please make contact with the Leader of Learning for Health and Physical Education jnoble@tgc.school.nz if you wish to withdraw your young person.