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International Youth Silent Film Festival 2020 – New Zealand Region

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Six TGC films have been placed as the top 15 finalists for IYSFF NZ – and on Friday 16 October at the live streaming of the Awards it was announced that Tearani Wikohika, Asher Wadsworth and Mya McRoberts received several award placings for their films.

Tearani Wikohika for her film Chasing Shadows.

AWARDS RECEIVED: Second Place for IYSFF NZ, Best Cinematography, Best Shot, Best Actor

When rings worn by Brooke's friends triggers an emotional childhood memory, Brooke has to chase her younger self to retrieve the ring that her dad gave her when she was young. While doing so she relives the painful memories of her childhood and learns to let go.

Chasing Shadows
Tearani Wikohika - Chasing Shadows — Image by: Louise Umbers

Asher Wadsworth and Mya McRoberts for their film Shrine.

AWARD RECEIVED: Best Production Design

A young girl lives an ordinary life until she discovers a new world, one full of magic and adventure. She meets the guardian of the forest and meets the spirits living there. However, all is not what it seems. There is one spirit who knows that she doesn’t really belong

Asher Wadsworth & Mya McRoberts - Shrine — Image by: TGC


⭐ Pare Waaka and Kahurangi Ngatai for their film Maruwehi
Elena Broadfoot and Rebecca Eggersglusz for their film  One
Adara Burns for her film Shadow Realm
Asher Wadsworth and Mya McRoberts for their film      Shrine
Tearani Wikohika for her film Chasing Shadows
Sian Gilby for her film Goodbye Friend