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Blood Supermoon, Year 9 Science by Franzene Awini

Blood Supermoon, Year 9 Science

Year 9 Science Class —

In our Year 9 Science class, we learned about lunar phases and lunar eclipse. On 26 May, we used cameras to record the blood supermoon.

A blood supermoon is a combination of three factors: a full moon, the Moon being at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, and a total lunar eclipse.

“My experience on Wednesday night, the night the blood supermoon happened, was very amazing and spectacular sight to see. How we had a total lunar eclipse and a big bright red moon all in one night was really something. Even though waking up the next morning was a challenge, it won't be something I'll regret staying up for.”                Franzene Awini
 “My experience with the blood moon was amazing to see!!!! I started watching it around 9:00pmish, and I could definitely see it change over time. Around 11.00pm is the time I started to see red slowly taking over the moon, it was amazing to see and I can't wait to see it again!!!!” Cheyenne Taylor  

Photos were taken by the following students:

Franzene Awini
Mikyla Keane
Cheyenne Taylor
Ava Ferguson
Sky Herewini
Charlotte Gilbert
Harnoor Kaur