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Tara Kanji, Tumuaki / Principal
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Kia ora TGC whānau, parents and caregivers

MoE Accord Days
These days are compulsory for schools so we thank you for your support of us when we learn about the changes in the education sector. You will have received an email informing you of the next one on Tuesday18 May. There is NO school on this day as teachers will be engaged in professional development.

Well-being Trial
One of our Year 12 classes is undertaking a well-being pilot. This is optional for this class and only for the first 5 minutes of each period. We hope by supporting this trial, other classes and potentially other schools can also partake in this in the near future.

Can you make a difference?
Are you in local business and could support TGC learners through mentoring, sharing your experience, providing opportunities for service or work experience and financial support? We are keen to work with you and provide authentic opportunities for our future leaders, entrepreneurs, sporting greats, politicians, academics and community leaders. If so, contact the principal, Tara Kanji at principal@tgc.school.nz or our Business Manager, Maxine Bird at mbird@tgc.school.nz

Community consultation update
Smiths Consultancy are supporting TGC and the BoT with part of its community consultation for the strategic plan. We thank you in advance for your support should you be asked to contribute to this process.

Non-uniform Days
As many of you will be aware, the term ‘Mufti Day’ has been phased out by many schools. Search google for the reasons. We too are in support of this and until we come up with another recognisable name, our mufti days will now be called non-uniform days. As in the past, these are done to raise awareness (like the Pink Shirt Day), and or to raise funds for charities such as the Cancer Society, Women's Refugee and the like. Our non-uniform days are led by our student leaders.

Vaping vs Smoking - nicotine addictions
Neither Vaping or Smoking are permitted at school. We continue to be a smoke free school as all schools throughout New Zealand are. This is the law in New Zealand. Reading a North and South Magazine article recently (April 2021), Vaping, whilst not as harmful as smoking, was still likened to jumping off a 7 story building rather than one higher. In other words, vaping is harmful to your health, well being and of course financially. It is unfortunate that marketers of these products make vape juice sound like a healthy alternative (Green apple, Strawberry burst etc) instead of highlighting the harm as tobacco products require. Students smoking or vaping will incur consequences.

Service and Leadership
We have met with Year 11 and Year 12 students to go over expectations of students wishing to apply for both formal and informal leadership roles at TGC. Service is a key component of what we expect. 30 hours of service (unpaid) needs to be recorded. This is both part of being a community minded person and ensuring that we all do our part in something bigger than ourselves. This year, all Year 9 will be involved in a service day.

Winter sports gets underway
Congratulations to all those proud TGC sportswomen who have signed up to represent their College in a winter code. This is a busy time for the sport department, so please be patient and communicate with coaches and managers as the season gets underway. If you can help with coaching or managing, contact Lucy or Kaye at the TGC Sports Department.

Equity budget
This is another timely reminder of our equity budget. The budget is there to support uniform, sports fees, school equipment and the like. If you are in need, contact the school, your daughter's House Dean, Whānau teacher or the sports dept. Whilst we do not cover all costs, we will endeavour to help as much as we can.