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Sofi Blythe
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'Still Life' by Sofi Blythe

We have done some exercises to learn skills that helped us with drawing our still life.

Some of the things we did were shading a sphere and following a step by step tutorial on where to place the shading and what everything was called. Also, we did a line drawing but we flipped it upside down so that we couldn’t see it as a whole but drew the lines as they actually are and spaced them more accurately. When it finally came to drawing my still life we had to choose plastic animals and insects (that had been spray-painted white so that we can see the shadows more easily) and placed them on a piece of paper in an interesting way so we could make the drawing more interesting. Firstly, we did the line art of all the animals so that we could make sure we had the proportions correct instead of detailing and making it much too big. Also, the upside-down drawing exercise helped us to make these lines more accurate. After I completed that, I began to shade using the skills I learnt from the sphere exercise, making sure I paid close attention to how the animals actually looked. 

Image by: Art