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Communicating with your young person during the school day


If you need to communicate messages with your young person during school hours, please contact the school office on 07 578 8114. Messages will be emailed to students' school accounts.

Should you need to drop anything to your young person (lunch, PE gear, art supplies), please drop it to the school office, clearly labelled. Students will be communicated with via email to collect the item from the Student Office.

If you have an urgent message/require immediate collection of your young person for an emergency only (Health and Safety, significant wellbeing) - office staff, Deans or Deputy Principal’s will assist.

A reminder that phones are not to be used during learning time, the time to message or call is during interval (11 - 11.30am) or lunchtime (1.30 - 2.15pm). We appreciate your support with your young person’s learning time.