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Australasian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiad 2020


The Australasian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiad (APSMO) is a competition that is aimed to challenge mathematical thinkers, and one in which our Year 9 students have successfully participated for many years. The competition involves solving five sets of five problem solving tasks in thirty minutes, with team members getting a mark for every correct response. At the end of the competition the results are totalled individually and as a team.

The problems are designed to be solved in a number of different ways, so having a flexible mind and a number of mathematical strategies is an advantage. The fun (but challenging) part is interpreting the question and deciding which strategy to use.

While the programme was changed this year due to the circumstances of Covid 19, and the competition focused on competing with other students within our own school rather than across Australasia as a whole, our success continued.

Congratulations to all the team members and well done for participating!

Top 10%:
Jin Lee 9NTH, Arabella McDonald 9NTH, Ella Hill 9PTT, Erina Islam 9NTH

Top 20%:
Shefaa Swailam 9PTT

Top 50%:
Gayathri Dinesh 9PTT, Kim Zheng 9PTT, Giselle Li 9NTH, Tess Pateman 9PTT

Niamh Manning 9PTT, Amy Haig 9PTT, Keira Thornborough 9NTH, Prachi Patel 9NTH, Mel Kullolli 9NTH, Emma Springall 9NTH, Amelie Inglis 9NTH, Lucy Armstrong 9NTH, Riley Rhodes 9NTH, Ellie White 9NTH