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We know that attendance at kura is so closely linked to the achievement of our young people.

Attending school gives learners the opportunity not only to learn and develop skills both in and out of the classroom.

Now, more than ever, attendance at kura is vital. Two COVID-19 disrupted years has taught us a great deal about what learning should look like both on site and off site via Google Classrooms; the hybrid model of learning. Whether a learner is engaged on site or off site, attendance is important to their progress.

Attending kura is safe

We are following all the Health and Safety guidelines provided in the COVID Protection Framework by the Public Health Unit. We are supporting and encouraging mask wearing, ventilating our classrooms and providing hand sanitiser. All members of staff and students are asked not to attend when they are unwell.

Attending kura on rostered on site days

You will be aware that our Senior learners are currently being rostered home for online learning days. When students are rostered on site days it is vital they attend. This will allow learners contact time with their teachers and peers so they can engage in learning activities that are more difficult virtually.

Importance of attending to your online learning.

It is important that learners who are isolating at home or are rostered off site, “show up” and manage their online learning. Learning is constantly being provided and updated in Google Classrooms so that the learning experience of those off site is as similar as possible to that of those on site.

The absence process when isolating or unwell 

You can either fill in the online form on the TGC website under Parent Info tab and look for the absentee form to fill in.

If you are unable to do this, phone the school on 07 578 8114 and press option 2 for absentees.