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Kaitiakitanga Committee
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Kaitiakitanga Committee Update

Kaitiakitanga Committee —

After years of preparation and fundraising, the solar panels have been finally installed on our Enviro Classroom! We are excited to have made the first transition towards renewable energy and hope to involve an educational aspect to help students learn more about solar power.

One of our Year 13 students, Jessie Chang, had the privilege of travelling to Waikato with Blake Inspire, a youth environmental camp. The programme provided insight into the issues of freshwater quality, sustainable agriculture and sustainable business practices in a New Zealand context. This is an annual event and would provide an incredibly valuable experience for any other senior students wanting to discover more about sustainability.

At the Carnival event, the Kaitiakitanga Committee ran a simulation game with the theme of recycling. Look out for where our school recycling goes to from here. This is a work in progress. We also had a smoothie bike blender sponsored by Zespri where students could make their own smoothies by pedalling on the bike. The Student Well-being Committee also ran an Op Shop event with the aim of reducing the amount of fashion waste while at the same time raising money for Mental Health awareness.

In the first week of Term 4, TGC received 1,000 seedlings from Trees for Survival. They are a selection of native trees, including manuka and kawakawa.  We are currently re-potting them from trays of 200 into individual pots. Once these seedlings have matured enough, they will be planted down in the gully.