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Neva Mua
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Neva Mua, Year 10 Ngā Toi

Title: Kaimoana

Media: Drypoint and mono print

We researched the artwork of Vanessa Edwards who is of both Māori and European descent and explores Western printmaking, drawing and Māori weaving.

I chose to make a drypoint of the ika – Drypoint is a print process where a sharp scribe is used to scratch the detail onto a plastic plate and then ink is pressed into the lines to achieve the impression. My mono print is in an oval shape with turquoise ink which I textured with mull cloth and made simple koru designs to frame my ika. These plates are then layered together and put through the press to achieve the print.

We were able to make several prints to experiment with texture, colours, Māori patterns, mirror image, used of shape and printing onto woven paper

I am very proud of my Kaimona print.