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MathsMind Competition

Kyla Chen —

On 19 August, Tauranga Girls' College participated in the MathsMind competition and we came away with amazing results.

The competition was held in Whakatane at Trident High School and it was the first time the competition was held since COVID-19. The competition was a team event where teams of four (one being the runner) had to solve as many questions as they could in 45 minutes, with every question being worth five points. There were 20 questions in total. However, participants were only allowed to see the next question if they had solved the previous one. It was very exciting with lots of running and noise.

The Year 10 team TGC 1 came first out of 32 teams with 70 points. After a rough start in the beginning with some difficult questions, the team was able to shoot through the remaining questions to gain the lead. The second place team had 45 points and the third place had 40 points at the end. The other Year 10 team also did very well.

The Year 9’s also had a thrilling competition and while they missed out on a placing this time, they will be back again next year to try and take out the top spot.

The most important thing was that everyone had fun. We all got a chance to exercise our brains with challenging questions and see our hard work in math classes pay off.

Good job to everyone who participated in MathsMind from Tauranga Girls' College!

Year 10 Team 1: Kyla Chen, Pippa Montgomery, Sophie Crowther, Kendall Robson.

Year 10 Team 2: Amelia Gemming, Amelia Grason, Alivia Jenkins, Paige Rickard.

Year 9 Team 1: Sienna Clark, Brooke Barnett, Alyssa Campbell, Zoey Fryer.

Year 9 Team 2: Charlotte Hills, Cara Bernhard, Maia Li, Natali van Pareen.