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Featured artists -Year 11 Art students 2021

Alyssia Austwick —

Last year, two Year 11 Art classes were tasked with creating new murals for our school walls that, first of all, work cohesively with our previous work, and secondly, blended well with the school and our school values.

And so, with these two factors, we created the theme of ‘In the classroom’ to aid in creating related murals that were not difficult to integrate into our work. We all chose different subjects - Science, English, Math and many more! We used a variety of animals in our paintings, which added an odd and interesting twist to our murals and suggested the diversity within our school. The individual murals were grouped together in the style of NZ artist Richard Killeen and then stuck down on two panels to create two collaborative murals. 

Alyssia Austwick - Year 12