Hero photograph
Aveneet, Shannon and Skylah
Photo by Penny Arrowsmith

10PTE Involved with the Gate Pa Primary School Athletics


On Friday 6 November, 10PTE spent the morning at Gate Pa Primary School assisting with their Years 5/6 Athletics Day.

They supported the teachers and encouraged the participants with a huge amount of enthusiasm and maturity. The high fives, smiles and clapping from 10PTE made such a positive difference to the children who were trying their best. Helping at the Athletics Day was a role this class fulfilled in 2019 and they had been hoping they would be involved again this year because they had really enjoyed the experience. 10PTE were wonderful ambassadors for Tauranga Girls' College and Gate Pa were very appreciative of their involvement.  A fan girl moment for Neva Mua was when she saw Sonny Bill Williams sister, Niall, cheering on her daughter at the sprints. 

Niall Williams and Neva Mua — Image by: Penny Arrowsmith