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Tēnā koutou whānau, parents, students and friends

Haka Waiata Competition

They say good things come to those who wait, so despite the COVID-19 postponement from our original competition date, the Haka Waiata House competition took place this week. Having it in the week of Te wiki o te reo Māori language week was just that extra special.

Whilst some felt out of their comfort zones, what this event in particular demonstrates, is our ability to come together for something very special and unique to Aotearoa. My special thanks to the judges who accompanied me on the day and for their feedback, to those who acknowledged via our social media accounts, how far TGC has grown, supported and not only through this event, but in whānau feedback at our hui, recognised our commitment to the aspirations of Māori being made visible, celebrated and strengthened. Lastly, thank you to all of my colleagues, the students and House Leaders and prefects for their effort leading up to and on this day. Congratulations to SHEPPARD house who took out the win. Final house points and standings will be shared once the last of the minor events are completed.

Keeping the focus on well being 

Community Consultation has now closed

Thank you to all those staff, parents and students engaged in the consultation process. The BOT is now synthesizing that information to determine its strategic plan for 2023-2025. What I can add since I last reported is the inclusion of hauora/wellbeing into the plan. The BOT will finalise the strategic intents at its next hui later this month.

Derived Grades

This week we begin our derived grade examinations. They commenced on Thursday and end on Friday next week. This is a very important time for all students who are sitting NCEA examinations. Details were emailed to all students some time ago. Please support your young person by reminding them of the derived grade exam schedule, ensuring they have a space for study, are well fed, hydrated with water and get sufficient sleep. A reduction of screen time on phones would also be supportive at this time.

Early finish

As indicated previously, the school day will continue to end at 1.45pm on a Thursday for the remainder of this term. The reason for this has been to give both seniors a block on learning and catch up time and for teachers to manage students who are learning remotely and not in their face to face onsite class. Supervision and study room options for all students are provided for those wanting to stay on at school or are waiting for their regular bus service at 3.20pm.

Smokefree Schools

All schools are smoke free environments. With vaping being popular amongst many people, especially teenagers, I remind everyone that selling vapes to anyone under 18 years of age is illegal and smoking of any kind, including vapes is not allowed on the school site as all schools are smokefree sites in NZ. Students who chose to disrespect this will be spoken with, receive a consequence and families will be contacted. My colleagues would much rather spend their time focussing on supporting learning, engaging in extra curricular and the positive opportunities associated with our school. Whānau support is appreciated on this matter.

COVID-19 changes

You should have all received information regarding the changes to the COVID-19 traffic light system and how it impacts on students and schools. Please check your email for those details. Mask wearing is supported for those who choose to wear one.

Queen Elizabeth II memorial day

Monday 26 September is now a one off public holiday. This day is in recognition of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. A woman who has served so many and who provided hope and guidance in turbulent times during her 70 year reign. Regardless of your view of the monarchy, as a College that “Empowers tomorrow's women”, I acknowledge her role in this. May she rest in peace.

Breakfast Club

On Thursday, I help out at our Breakfast Club. The club is held in Te Manawa (former C Block). Hot milo, cereal and toast is available to all from 8-8.30am. There is no cost and all are welcome. The fabulous Mrs Bidois prepares lunch/kai for students at this time also. At our kura, we endeavour to ensure that everyone is fed and is energized for the day. My special thanks to all the senior students who volunteer their time every morning and also ensure the club is welcoming and ready to serve. Please note changes to the club during exam week.

Enrolments for 2023

Our online enrollment process continues. Already we are tracking ahead of this time last year. Thank you to the wider community for your support and to our current students whose successes are valued by those who are still engaging in our enrolment process.