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Photo by Penny Arrowsmith

Spirit of New Zealand


My trip on the Spirit of New Zealand was full of exhilarating activities and personal growth. Adara Burns

Thrust into a boat with forty strangers, we learnt how to tie knots and hoist sails, we sailed through the Auckland Harbor all the way up to Whangaroa, and then back down to Great Barrier Island. As well as learning how to sail, we also learnt about the history and culture of the places we went to.

Through meeting all these new people, I was able to expand my conversation skills, as well as enjoy the company and culture of my new friends from all different areas in New Zealand. The best part of the whole trip was probably the fun activities we did, such as paddling into a cave and snorkelling at the Poor Knights islands, taking the luggers out for a sail around the Bay of Islands, the bonfire and bioluminescent night paddle, the beach clean up, and all the ocean swims both at 6am and in the hot afternoon.

I must say my absolute favourite moment was when I climbed to the top of the mast and felt the wind whip past me as we sailed toward the horizon. Everybody was really friendly - even the dolphins and fish were excited to be sailing with us, and I had some of the best moments of my life on this non-stop ten day adventure.

I would recommend this experience to any other student. 

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