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Annabel Robinson & Mahnoor Qadri

Houses 2021


In 2021 Tauranga Girls’ College will see the start of a new era. A change in the house structure was seen as the ideal opportunity to revisit our current house names, and decide who or what now inspires our young wahine.

All students and staff were encouraged to bring forth their ideas and the whole kura would vote. An amazing array of different house suggestions were submitted and we were all excited to learn that Mahnoor Qadri and Annabel Robinson had the winning submission. Mahnoor and Annabel explain why they entered and how they chose their winning houses. 

“Our inspiration for entering the competition was that we wanted to see the diversity of our school, and our school’s identity better reflected within the houses here. We wanted TGC’s students to be able to identify with the Houses, be inspired by them, strengthen house spirit, and encourage our students to be the best that they can be. We wanted the qualities of our house patrons to be qualities that we would hope TGC students aim to reflect, it was also important to keep Batten and Mansfield to not only acknowledge what these amazing women did in their fields but also to keep hold of a part of TGC history”

TGC House 2021

Whina, Sheppard, Batten, Mansfield, Te Auetu.
We look forward to sharing more of the stories on these amazing womens’ lives, as well as new look symbols in the near future.

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