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Introduction to SchoolTV to TGC


A wellbeing resource supporting modern-day parenting.

We are pleased to announce that Tauranga Girls’ College are working with School TV who provide a wealth of information through articles, videos and interviews to support the challenges of parenting that we are presented with today. 

Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV delivers a unique, digital platform to help with the challenges of modern-day parenting. Whilst there is a vast amount of information available, this can often be fragmented, confusing and overwhelming for those looking for guidance, often leaving them with a feeling of being information saturated, but knowledge poor.

SchoolTV provides the best bits of information on a single topic providing easy-to-understand, bite-size video interviews with leading specialists supported by a host of aggregated resources from key organisations. SchoolTV delivers topics and special reports that enable you to stay informed, empowered and up-to-date in navigating the path to raising happy, well and resilient young people. Today’s youth are faced with many challenges. Part of good parenting is understanding thesechallenges and supporting kids as they navigate the path to adulthood.

SchoolTV is free for all to access.  You can find it on the top right corner of the main home page on our Tauranga Girls' College website