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Attendance and Engagement

Attending school is cool and the benefits continue to be positive on both the learner, teacher and for the whānau. Please ensure your young person is at school everyday. This school prides itself on all the opportunities it provides. Getting involved and keeping engaged pays off always. If you young person is unwell, please let us know so we can keep an accurate attendance record always.

Congratulations to our Performing Arts students

We had an amazing number of students involved in dance and singing comps lately. We have done amazingly well. Dedication to their areas of passion shone through in the fabulous results. Full details were on our FB posts. With WeBo and PACNZ to come, we look forward to hearing how these groups get on later this term.

BoT want to hear from you so have your say

You will have received via email, the community consultation survey from the Board of Trustees. We are very keen to hear from you, so please take a few minutes to ensure you have your say this week.

J Block

J Block a former figure of itself. I was fortunate to join the site manager to have a quick look through the building. It was barely recognizable but the space was simply incredible. It is with excitement that we share with you, the refurbishment towards a new

Learning style and therefore space. In the meantime, here is what it looks like now! 

Open Evening Wednesday 10 August

Enrolments of Yr 8 students for 2023 have opened. These are now online. I invite you to our Open Evening on Wednesday 10 August. Come and see for yourself what it feels like to come to TGC.

Former Head Prefect Leah Owen

I had the privilege of catching up with Leah this week. Leah was Head Prefect back in 2018. A degree qualification behind her and temporarily working also as a ‘mates and dates’ facilitator Leah reminded me of another key difference when conferencing at TGC vs co-educational schools. ‘The boys dominate the discussion’ and I am fortunate to have had my voice when I attended TGC and to note this continues today. #empoweringwoman

Staff shortages and a 1.45pm end to Thursday

Finally, thank you for your support of TGC and especially during staffing shortages which have resulted in rostering home. Please ask your young person to therefore support mask wearing. It not only protects you but also staff. We have been fortunate to recruit some new relievers so in time, the need to roster home could reduce. Details of rostering home are also on our social media channels. Learning remains a focus so all learners are expected to engage with learning when rostered home. I also remind you that on Thursday, school ends at 1.45pm this term. All bus students are invited to spend time in the library should they need supervision. All other students and those that are able can go home. Details were emailed last week.