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Spirit of Adventure
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Spirit of New Zealand

Kennedy de Bono —

He toka tu moana - Your strength is like the rock that stands steadfast in raging waters

Earlier this year, I received a scholarship from the Spirit of Adventure Trust to participate in a 10-day Youth Development Voyage. Comprising forty trainees and fourteen crew members (living in very close proximity to one another), we were certain to create lifelong friendships. The Voyage promised us a completely new set of life skills, a strong network of friends and a new confidence to take on challenges in life. We were not disappointed.

The purpose of this voyage was learning by doing. I faced many challenges varying from ensuring crew safety, to climbing to the highest point of the ship marked at 31m tall. We took part in multiple problem solving, teamwork and expressional activities on the ship, in the water and on land.

It was a rite of passage: a place to feel comfortable while developing character and many other aspects of yourself. These aspects included leadership, communication, independence, motivation, confidence, resilience, self-esteem and community spirit. If I could relive those ten days again I would.  I strongly encourage anyone to participate. If it seems to be outside of your comfort zone - all the more reason to experience it.  People who step outside their comfort zone are those who grow and evolve the most.

Kennedy de Bono