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Gardening Group

Environmental Committee —

Last term the environmental committee started a gardening group. Our group consists of around 20 students, who meet up on Monday and Friday lunchtimes in the horticultural area beside J Block to do some gardening!

We’re all enthusiastic environmentalists and love having a chance to do something beneficial during school that is of service. With the help of Miss Metcalfe and Ms Harvey, the group came together midway through March and is currently made up of senior students, but we are very keen to have juniors join too!

Originally, the group was started as a way for students to receive volunteering hours, which can count towards leadership roles at school or as service on your CV. However, it has also turned into an environment where we can chat with our friends, while doing some therapeutic gardening. In the few weeks last term that we spent in the horticultural area, we made some great improvements. We mainly focussed on weeding the plants as they were completely overrun. Although we still have a lot to do, it has been incredibly satisfying seeing the progress we’ve made.

This term, we are hoping to completely tidy the area up and clear it of any rubbish. Our goals are to plant some seedlings and plants around the school. We’d also love to clean up the greenhouse, and bring some colour to the space, by adding a mural or two.

We all believe that the horticultural area has incredible potential and we’d love to totally transform it into an environment that students can visit and enjoy. If you’re keen to join, feel free to come along and help us create a beautiful area for our school.