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Photo by Wini Melo

Dragon Days

Kauri Teachers —

Thank you! 💐💐

Thank-you to all our talented students who did a fantastic job on the Dragon Days production. Also, a big thank-you to our amazing parent helpers and staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the production ran smoothly. It was a fun and successful night. We couldn't have done it without you. 

Dragon Days by Nicole Li

After all this time, the night had finally come. As I stepped onto the stage, my heart skipped a beat, then the overture started and that meant the show was about to begin. "Ready?" asked Mrs Smith as the overture was fading then Olivia M and I gave Mrs Smith a thumbs up in return... For a few moments all I could see was white until my eyes got adjusted to the light. I saw something incredible! A big or should I say colossal audience sitting there, all with their eyes open, eager for the performance to begin. It started off like this "Over the alps and far away is...and before I realized it, the producation eneded and the final song begun..."Don't judge a book by it's cover, don't believe all that you hear..." as Kauri Syndicate continued to fill the hall with melodious singing I felt proud because of everyone's accomplishments and that is how the story ends.