Hero photograph
Photo by Nicola Eka

2022 Performance Assembly

Nicola Eka —

Join us to celebrate Three Kings' talent.

After a term of auditions and much deliberation, the Talent Show winners are ready to show their skills.

Congratulations to...

Koru Instrumental Winner - Bowie

Koru Dance Winner - Hannah

Koru Singing Winners - Kaitlyn, Emily, Liza and Benita

Koru Other Winner - Nathan (Magic Trick)

Porohita Instrumental Winner - Leona

Porohita Dance Winners (1st Equal) - Subi and Airi

Porohita Singing Winner - Maddy

Porohita Other Winner - Ariel, Mary, Alivia, Rosalind, Karlina, Ocean and Alyana (Gymnastics)

Toki Instrumental Winner - Emma

Toki Dance Winner - Havana

Toki Singing Winner - Willow

Toki Other Winner - Cooper (Jokes)

They will be joined by the Kapa Haka group, our Tongan learners and the Rock Band in an afternoon of creativity and entertainment.