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Heads up - Teacher only day - Friday 8th November

Moira Blair —

Teacher Only Day - Friday 8th November ❗

As part of the teacher campaign 'kua tae te wā' - It's time, teachers were fighting for time to lead, to teach and to learn.  As part of the accord with the government, teachers were given 8 teacher only days to be used over the three year contract.  These were in place of the classroom release time that was asked for and were to address teacher workload. We appreciate the impact of teacher only days on working families and want to spread these out over the contract, while ensuring they do reduce the workload of teachers so that class time can be spent teaching.  It is likely that next year we will have one at the beginning of the year, alongside our teacher call back days, when teachers do professional development in their holidays. We are also looking at linking one to the CoLference. Kelly club will be offering limited spaces for a full day programme on that date.