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Photo by Maria Kroonenberg

Bring & Buy a HUGE success!

Maria Kroonenberg —

The Toki Bring & Buy Camp fundraiser on Wednesday last week was a roaring success with $3400 raised for our 2023 camp.

Everything from sweets, mocktails, juices, candyfloss, cakes, slices, slushies, gingerbread, brownies and fudge to spinning wheels, crafts, hairdressing, ball games, throwing games, guess the number jars and VR games, the school hall transformed into a colourful and magical market day for all who attended.

"I think Bring & Buy was really fun but tiring. Every part of it was super successful. My group were selling cupcakes, iceblocks and lollipops. We had so much fun making our survey and collecting data. We sold nearly all of it and had so much fun collecting the money." Michelle

"It was the best day of my year so far. We had lots of things on our stall and sold out during the selling." Dianne

"Bring & Buy was a fun experience buying and selling. We had a process that helped us to get the information we needed to sell fudge and an activity 'What's in the Box?'. We had such a great time." Zoe

"I liked that the teachers loved my drink so much." Alisha

"Bring & Buy was one of the best days of the year! Our group sold clay cats. We made 31 cats and kittens and ended up selling out near the end. It felt really nice when little kids giggled excitedly as they opened their lucky dip bags which had a cat, a mini cat toy and an adoption certificate. Miss Blair was our first sale!" Amalia

"Bring & Buy was really fun. We had to go around with surveys and then make what they wanted most. We did lemonade, and glitter and animal jars. On the day, we sat at our stall and Koru came first - we sold out fast! It was really, really, really fun!" Emily, Eden, Isabel 

A huge congratulations to Toki syndicate for such a successful day – thank you for your super hard work!