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Netball season in full swing

Julia, Chloe, Maddy and Makayla —

There are a lot of boys and girls who play Netball during the week, at Windmill Rd in Mt Eden. We have many teams representing TKS, from Year 3 right up to Year 6.

Netball is really fun and collaborative. It is definitely our favourite sport and we really recommend it. Netball taught us to work as a team, have better sportsmanship and even make new friends! This sport challenges us by playing against other schools and helps us to achieve our best. We train with the other team as well. We love this sport and think you should try it too (or your kids). Not to mention at the end of each game you could possibly get lollies!! Now you might be wondering who gives out the lollies… the PLAYER OF THE DAY. The player of the day is when you or someone in your team does really well then the coach will hand a certificate out to whoever they think tried harder than anybody else. Then at the next game, whoever got player of the day in the last game might bring lollies. Another reason why you should try it, is because it helps you get fitter. There are also super fun training games and we’re sure that you all will really enjoy them.

By: Julia, Chloe, Maddy and Makayla:)