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The seven scrolls of Emberchard

Jozef Bycroft —

Over moody-green treetops and cascading diving waterfalls. Through lonely woods and busy valleys. Hidden in the Elderroot Woods flung away from reality is the village of Amaden. Laughter and singing can be heard from the joyful town square where people and fun dance together under the sunset. Skipping down Tepa Street you’ll come to a humble cottage. It has birch arches and a cosy fireplace this cottage is the plainest of the plainest. The normal of the normal, but magic is found in even the most boring of places.

The seven scrolls of Emberchard
In a humble cottage on Tepa Street lives a widow and her son Joey. Joey was no usual boy. While he did enjoy reading, dancing, and playing in the stream there was something unusual about him. For when the full moon came to watch over the village he was to be found on top a Charles Rock howling to the midnight air. Joey was a werewolf. Every full moon he would start to grow hair, feeling extremely painful. Darkness would burst out of him and a coal black cloud would sweep him away to Charles Rock. He would dive onto the edge and his inner horror would take over. When Joey woke up in the morning he would not remember a thing and would continue with his usual activities. Joey would always find joy in darkness and his worst fear was losing his friend, Mary. He would do whatever he could to please her. Joey's friends were Mary, John and Olive. John and Mary were the funny ones and Olive was the smart one. They would walk through the bush discovering secret trails. We join them today on a walk to the lake.“I'm bored,” muttered John. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” said Olive. Before any more complaints could be made Mary stepped in, “Don't be silly this will be amazing,” she chirped. “What she said,” added Joey as they crawled through a cathedral cave and came to a sapphire-sparking lagoon. After a glamorous dive Mary called out to the crew, “I'm going under.” Like a ballerina she elegantly whirled and twirled sending sapphire shockwaves swimming in all directions. After a minute Joey started to worry. What if she doesn’t make it,” he expressed to Olive and John. “You know Mary,” said John, “Always wanting adventure.” “The human body can stay underwater for far longer that approximately 1 minute 23 seconds.” explained Olive. Soon enough Mary broke the surface. Her hair a bundle of mitchmached snakes. Joey looked at her hands in them nestled an ancient scroll, a new adventure, glory, fame, fortune... CRUSH. All Joey’s dreams were crushed as a darkness swirled through the forest, intertwining through the trees stealing hope and wonder out of the world. Colour weaved into a spiral of darkness, destiny crushed under horror and gloom . Swirling through the air was Mary. Joey reached out his arm and their hands met. Unable to hold on, their hands slipped away from each other. Soaring away from him was his color in the dark, his happiness in the worst of times, soaring away from him was his destiny.

CHAPTER ONE: The Seven Scrolls 
We return to Joey one year later. The only thing he has to feel happy about is a scroll left behind by his best friend when she died. The village of Amaden is no longer a cheerful happy place it is now a town painted with only the darkest pastels. Darkness now rules over the village and hope was lost long, long ago. Not for Joey he has been trying to decode the scroll the only thing he has to cling onto it reads 'Seven that's the number, hidden Scrolls in different parts of the woodsTrees, sand, rocks, waterfallsCaves, magic, horrorMake the worldA better place beOur hero be the sonI never hadShard-c-bloombud'. He spends hours and hours on end trying to solve the mystery. Who was Shard C Bloombud? Where were the unknown locations? Was he the chosen hero? Then one red and orange autumn day he cracked it. Shard C Bloombud was his father. He was the hero destined to bring down the darkness to find the ancient scrolls. His first step was to go to the trees. He packed his backpack with everything he would ever need. Food, water and the scroll. He dashed down the gravel pathway that led to the wood and took the overgrown track that led to the wise old oak. Towering twisting trees tormented the terrain as he crept down the lonely path. The sound of birds echoed through the wood. Soon he came to two enormous-hollow tree trunks. He decided to take the left one. More and more tree trunks stood in his way as he clambered through bush and scrub. The sky was a blanket of darkest green.

- Jozef Bycroft