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Garden to Table - Room 5


Room 5 students have enjoyed their time in the Garden to Table programme.  Here's what some students have said:

"The kitchen is the best because cutting is fun and the kai we eat is delicious! Now we can cook and learn so much." Monty, Room 5.

"I enjoy garden to table because there’s lots of planting and harvesting. Planting and harvesting are THE BEST!!!!!!!! Garden stands for planting and harvesting. Table stands for cooking. When the cooking, harvesting and planting are done, then we meet up at the kitchen and have food." Raaya, Room 5.

"Garden to Table programme is truly AMAZING! We kids get to cook, garden and eat yummy food. I like that when I'm in the kitchen I can be a vacuum cleaner because I enjoy cleaning the floor." Manita, Room 5.