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Timaru Museum
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Social Sciences Museum Visits


Year 11 History students had a very 'challenging' visit to our museum this month when they participated in a new 'Survivor' game focusing on World War I locations. 

The latter included Egypt, the Western Front and Gallipoli. After viewing a detailed power point presentation on New Zealand's participation in these conflicts, our class was divided into groups who hypothetically were stationed at these offensives. Individual group members were responsible for gathering data, choosing relevant uniforms, weaponry and supplies. These activities were timed and graded by museum staff. Fortunately, all Year 11 were 'survivors' of the activity due to their ability to work as a team and be pro-active. This was an excellent exercise that provided a more personal perspective on World War I, one that was viewed through the eyes of the men who were part of the individual campaigns.

Year 10SP also visited the South Canterbury Museum this month. In addition to viewing historical artefacts relating to the early settlement of Timaru, students were treated to an excellent presentation given by an expert of World War I, Mr Malcolm Brady. To consolidate a unit that Year 10 have been working on in class, Mr Brady focused on the topic 'Animals at War.' Significant contributions by animals to major wars included horses, elephants, camels, dogs, cats, pigeons, reindeer and bears. Following the presentation students were allowed to handle weaponry from World War I and even the gas masks that were used by horses to protect them from the damaging effects of mustard gas.