Hero photograph
New Zealand Pests
Photo by Anon

2021 Pest Tail Competition


The 2021 Pest Tail Competition, run by the TBHS Enviro Group, has commenced and will finish at the beginning of Term 4.

For those who want to enter, collect the tails of pests you kill eg: rats, stoats, rabbits, etc. Place them in a named bag, and bring them to the Student Office at the beginning for Term 4 (preferably frozen!). Tails will be counted and prizes awarded to whoever has collected the most. There will also be runner up prizes.

Just like last year, we will have prizes from Hunting and Fishing so get hunting and trapping for all pests and collect the tails to bring in next term.

Contact Hadlee Begg for further information (begg.ha36@timaruboys.school.nz)