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Regional Reports



Covid restrictions over the past two years have curtailed gatherings for Old Boys throughout the country.

Attendance at school fixtures have had limitations. The 2021 Timaru Boys’ vs Waitaki had a spectator limit of 100. Hopefully in the months ahead we can plan and meet with greater certainty. Groups of Old Boys have met over the past year and some have intentions for gatherings in 2022.

Hawkes Bay Branch

We had a very successful function on Sunday 28th November 2021 at the Puketapu Hotel. A great venue, good food and our own room.

It all started with a positive response to the initial invitation which included acceptances and apologies. Maybe people are more responsive seeing we are all living in a different environment.

Those who attended were Old Boys - John Bruce, Jack Mains, Chris Moore, Peter McLean, Hamish Panton, Roger Panton, Trevor Rose, Ian Schofield, Roger Wakefield.

Old Girls – Moyle Apted, Barbara Bruce, Lesley Carthew, Betty Dufty, Vera Glover, Jill Grieg, Paddy Reddy, Judy Sprott, Priscilla Very.

Others who attended were Susan Mains, Penny Moore, Rochelle Schofield, Mary Wakefield, Phillip Carthew, Trevor Glover.

Apologies were received from David Brock, Paul Canham, Wyn Drabble, Richard Kane, Russell McManus, Barry Newall, Dave Sawers, Nicola McHendry, Paulette Parker, and Barbara Daniel.

All those present stood for a moment of silence in memory of two members who had passed away during the past year – Marion Gilmore (McNeill) and John (Rick) Rendall.

On an initiative by Trevor Rose, a collection was organized asking people to donate money to the Salvation Army Hawkes Bay Food Bank and the great result was a total of $210.00 was raised. Trevor sent the following message to the Food Bank - “The Hawkes Bay branch of the Timaru Girls Old Girls & Timaru Boys Old Boys have an annual Christmas lunch. Today we took up this collection for your Food Bank, particularly with feeding the children in mind. Keep up the great work.” So thank you all for contributing to this cause.

Chris auctioned off two mugs and a hand towel which had the TBHS monogram on them and the successful bidders were Hamish Panton, Roger Panton and Ian Schofield. This money was included in the donation to the food bank.

Other items on the agenda included a brief talk by John Bruce on a book about Jack Lovelock and some of his preparations for the big race in Berlin in 1936. One of the heats included Pat Boot who was also an Old Boy.

We then were treated to an interesting and amusing talk by Jack Mains on his time at TBHS and during his career as an engineer. Jack stepped in at the last minute in place of Ray Wade who was going to give a similar talk but he had to pull out at the last minute because of health issues. Hopefully Ray will be available at a future function.

Lesley Carthew gave a brief talk about the Old Girls’ Association and Chris Moore read out a message from Dave Thorp who is the current Rector of TBHS. Chris also gave a brief update on the National Association.

Overall, it was a very good branch reunion and I believe this is due to the fact that everyone knows one another. This camaraderie has built up over the nine years that the branch has been in operation, holding regular meetings with interesting speakers, lots of conversations and plenty of reminiscing. And of course plenty of laughing!

Chris Moore

North Canterbury Branch

In terms of functions from the North Canterbury Branch this year, Lex Newbegin and Dion Crooks organised a successful Old Boys' Golf Open at the Pegasus Golf Course held last Friday afternoon, 18 March. There were 68 players that took part. Impressive turnout!

Barry Palmer

Rakiura / Stewart Island

Merv Taiaroa reports in from the very deep south. He feels a touch isolated on Rakiura with several Waitaki Old Boys in the surrounds. Willing to follow up Timaruvians in the Southland region. A worthy project for 2022.

Merv Taiaroa

Otago Branch

Good intentions for THSOB’s to meet at the Timaru Boys /Otago Boys winter inter school came to naught. Snow on the Kilmog prevented travel and the cancellation of the 2021 fixture.

On the occasion of the Timaru Boy’s vs John McGlashan College inter-school on Tuesday 5th July 2022 it is planned to hold an Old Boys function. Note the date!

Speaking with Timaruvian Old Boy’s editor, Gregor Macauley, he has the 2021 edition ready for production.

Central Otago is home to an increasing number of Old Boys. Talk of a gathering has been mooted over recent times. Action in 2022 is a must !

Kevin O’Sullivan

Wellington Branch

A revival is required for this branch in 2022. There are a large number of Old Boys in the Wellington region. All it requires is a couple of O B’s to say ‘let’s arrange a get- together venue, date and time in 2022.’ The Rector, Dave Thorp, has indicated a keenness to attend. Good things will follow.

Regional Contacts

Auckland: Peter Mathias : pgoingplaces@yahoo.com
Bay of Plenty: Robert Leslie : r.leslie@tbc.school.nz
Hawkes Bay-East Coast: Chris Moore : c.g.moore@nowmail.co.nz
Wanganui-Manawatu: Roger Bird : bird@wnation.net.nz
Nelson: Chris McKeown : makocorner@gmail.com
Blenheim: Alan Young : alan.young@slingshot.co.nz
North Canterbury: Dion Crooks : dion@waterfordpress.co.nz
North Canterbury: Barry Palmer : leadley.palmer@clear.net.nz
Mid-Canterbury: Alistair Wing JP : awing@xtra.co.nz
Mid-Canterbury: Stewart Bennett : sbandrb@xtra.co.nz
South Canterbury: Don Garland : dlgarland@xtra.co.nz
Dunedin: Gregor Macaulay : gregor.macaulay@outlook.com
Southland: Mervyn Taiaroa : rmtaiaroa@xtra.co.nz
Melbourne: Bill White : bill.white@optusnet.com.au