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TBHS School Ball 2022

Keri Whytock —

Our Ball Committee is working hard to ensure this event is a success and they are giving up their time to make decorations and prepare for the event.

Our annual school ball will be held later in the term on Friday 23rd September for Year 12 and 13 students who are eligible to attend through good attendance and work record to date. Students who are eligible will receive a contract letter in week 7 from their dean to get signed and returned. Tickets will be purchased through My Kindo during week 7 and are priced at $130 per double.

This year, cars will arrive into the school from Raymond Street from 5:50pm onwards and students will attend a reception in the gym where light refreshments will be served. Students then proceed to the hall where the ball will be held.

Students and partners attending the ball along with their parents will sign a code of conduct contract. Parents and students are reminded that this is an alcohol, drug and smokefree event and right of admission is at the discretion of the school. As a school event, full school rules apply. Your support in making this a positive and enjoyable occasion for all is appreciated.