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Mobile Electronic Device (MED)
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Mobile Electronic Device (MED) Use


These procedures will be in effect from Term 2 onwards with a two week introduction period:

If students bring a MED to school, it is to be kept out of sight, switched off, and not used during class or form time.

MEDs are permitted

- In class at the discretion of the teacher for learning purposes.

- During break time or lunchtime.

If a student has a MED out in class when not permitted

- They will be warned that it will be confiscated if it is not put away immediately.

- If it is not put away immediately or there is a repetition, the student will be issued with a “Yellow Card” and the MED will be confiscated to be returned at the end of school.

- The MED will be returned at the end of the day by the teacher from the office.

Responsibility for MEDs

- If students bring MEDs to school they do so at their own risk.


MEDs can include mobile phones, iPod, iPad, laptops, tablets etc.