Hero photograph
Lion King Cast 2016
Photo by TBHS

Lion King Jr a Roaring Success


The Lion King Jr closed its four day season in Hogben Hall with sold out performances and over 1500 impressed audience members.

We can't thank all involved enough; from the student performers who gave up hours to rehearse, to their parents and caregivers who organised their transport and food, to the props and costume volunteers who made such magnificent outfits, to the sound and lighting teams who made it all look and sound wonderful, to our production management and team who organised all the 'behind the scenes' groups, to the creative team who had the vision and the determination to make the show innovative and exciting and to the staff, senior leadership teams and boards of both schools who supported every aspect of the Production.

Through the course of the production we have built a “Pride”, of whom we are very proud and whose work shows us what we can achieve together.

Thank you for supporting our production and we look forward to having you involved, or seeing you at our next performance event.