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Junior Work Day
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Junior Workday: Friday 22 October


Timaru Boys’ High School has rescheduled its annual school Workday to Term 4, Friday 22 October.

Junior students (Years 9 & 10) across the school will be seeking paid employment for the day while senior conferencing is taking place.

The very generous support in recent years has provided boys at the school with extra amenities and items of equipment. This has been greatly appreciated by the staff, students and Board.

Our aim is to raise $10,000 for student facilities.

To those providing paid employment for the Work Day - this is very much appreciated. For your guidance the school has found that a common rate of payment for student work has ranged around $8- $10 per hour. This will vary according to the nature of the job and the age and strength of the boys. We feel the boys will gain useful work experience from this project.

Thank you for employing a Timaru Boys’ High School student enabling him to help his school in this way.

If you have work our boys could undertake, please contact us:

Ph: 03 687 7560

Email: tbhs@timaruboys.school.nz