Hero photograph
ANTS Group - June 2016
Photo by TBHS

Gifted and Talented Programme


On Thursday 9 June, the ANTS (Advanced Naturally Talented Students) experienced an afternoon of activities. 

Starting with brain teasers the boys struggled with some of the complicated MENSA tasks that required some lateral thinking.  When the scores were tallied, Ryan Greenslade, Ethan Bowmar and Joseph Allen-Perkins held an equal lead with seven correct answers from fourteen problems.

After fortifying themselves with the food supplied by Mr Sparrow, the boys moved into groups to work on their future problem solving task of desertification. After initial discussions around this issue, the boys were given the task of getting some fresh air and physical exercise as they were allocated ten minutes to discover clues on a school based orientation task. They were deducted marks for lateness back to the classroom, and blank or incorrect answers. Some pairs decided that the time penalties were worth it, as they could gain more marks with correct answers.

The afternoon finished off with the students back in their problem solving groups in order to complete their discussions, and prepare an oral presentation to the rest of the group, Mr Sparrow and Mrs Stevenson. The presentations were of a high quality and the afternoon ended successfully.