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Shane Edwards
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Board Profile - Shane Edwards


Chair of BoT Hostel Committee, Parent Elected Rep

Welcome to autumn! Married to Mindy, I have one daughter attending Timaru Girls’ High School and three sons who have attended TBHS and Thomas House Hostel (one son is a current boarder).  

I am passionate that all young men are ready for employment, be this at the age of 15 to 18, or after attaining one of the many degrees or tertiary qualifications that are available. As a school we must strive to assist parents, caregivers and communities to ensure all young people are well-grounded and prepared for the lifelong learning that is necessary in today’s rapidly changing world.

My understanding of strategic planning assists me in my role as a Parent Representative on the Board of Trustees; I am appreciating the opportunity of being a part of this team who work together to make sure that Timaru Boys’ continues to equip all students with solid academic learning and life skills.