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Photo by Office Admin Titirangi School

We are collecting Yummy Fruit stickers

Office Admin Titirangi School —

School’s back and so is the Yummy Apple Sticker Promotion! Collect Yummy Apple stickers & bag cut-outs, and get free sports gear for our school!

Purchase Yummy apples, either bags with cut-out labels or individual apples with Yummy stickers. 

One cut-out label is worth 10 apple stickers. Place the Yummy stickers on Sticker Collection Sheets and the cut-out labels on Cut-Out Label Collection Sheets. Collection sheets are available from the office to take home. Fill a sheet and then drop it back into the office.

 The classrooms have a collection sheet for individual stickers from the lunch boxes. All stickers/cut-outs must received by us by Friday the 22nd of October 2024. (The end of Term 3)