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Photo by Rachel Mortimer

Forging new careers for our students

Rachel Mortimer —

Today, we held the third event in our career focus for senior students where people in our community came and shared their careers in an expo session.

We are very grateful to those in our community including ex-students, parents and friends who came and talked with our students about their own journey. We had scientists, engineers, computer programmers, a plumber, real estate agent, entrepeneurs, a fitness trainer, social workers, a psychologist, the defence force and the list goes on. Students were encouraged to go and ask questions about what the job really involves. There was a great buzz in the gym and many students were very open to the possibilities of what could be.

This followed two forum sessions held earlier in the year where alumni returned to the college. One forum focused on opportunities and journeys when you don't go onto to tertiary study and the second forum focused on those at university now and their experiences; positive and negative. 

The intention is to expose our young people to different opportunities when they struggle to think of what the future may hold. We will have a parent and child event on the evening of Thursday 25 August where the different training organisations attend such as the Polytechnic and University. More details will follow in another article.