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Photo by Tor Devereux

Cultural Awards 2022 - Wednesday 28 September 2022, 7pm, Kavanagh College Auditorium

Tor Devereux —

Students who are receiving Merit, Excellence or Blues Awards for their involvement in school cultural activities this year will be recognised at the Cultural Awards on Wednesday 28 September.

These students are listed below and have also received an invitation. Any student who is unable to attend the Cultural Awards should advise Tor Devereux (tdevereux@kavanagh.school.nz) by Monday 26 September.

Students who are receiving Service Awards will be presented with these at school after the Cultural Awards.

All students attending the Cultural Awards are to wear winter uniform.

A light supper will follow the awards ceremony.

We’re excited that this year there are no restrictions on people attending the Cultural Awards and we hope that you will be able to join us for this special occasion where we get to acknowledge and celebrate the commitment to and enthusiasm for cultural events and the performing arts that so many of our students display. They all contribute to making Kavanagh College a vibrant community that benefits us all and we are very proud of their achievements.

Please note that the Cultural Awards will also be live streamed for anyone who is unable to attend. The link to the live stream will be shared closer to the time.

The following students are invited to the Cultural Awards Evening:

Addison Abernethy, Sarah Al-Balushi, Matilda Andersen, Mitchell Atkinson, Camila Barns, Manaia Barns, Jack Be, Ezra Bennett, Sophie Bracegirdle, Leo Branford, Ethan Bremner, Joseph Brennan, Daniel Cairns, Holly Cairns, Tyelah Campbell, Ella Carruthers, Christopher Caulton, Emily Charlton-McLaren, Izabella Christofoletti, Emily Clark, Paige Clark, Eva Clarke, Finlay Clarke-Wallace, Theodora Clarke-Wallace, Liam Clifford, Patrick Cotter, Riley Culling, Evie de Graaf, Evie Dummer, Saira Eldho, Chloe Farr, Molly-Jane Gallagher, April Gamao, Hayley Golden, Sophie Golden, Yakim Gonen, Jamie Hall, Charlotte Harris, Jake Harris, Phoebe Harris, Cameron Hart, Niamh Higgins, Nina Hollis-Pye, Ariel Holloway, Luca Holloway, Serenity Hook, Christiana Jaquiery, Chelsea Jarvie, Sophie Jonathan, Anamika Jones, Samuel Kelekolio, Shalia Kelekolio, Joseph Kelly, Nuala Kelly, Orla Kelly, Samuel Kelly, Daphne Kendrick, Ted Kerr-Bell, Heath Kettish, Noah Kettish, Esther Koudayah, Lucy Koudayah, Troy Kubala, Ruby La Hood, Henry Lapham, Tim Lapham, Amalie Latton, Harry Lodge, Loken Lemm, Matthew Lemon, Anahera Lewis, Oliver Lodge, Taita Lolohea, Michael Louw-Young, Elani Mafi, Susana Mafi, Shreenidhi Mahamuni, Shrinivas Mahamuni, Brent Manangan, Tia Mawhinney, Meila McCartney, Che McGivern, Isobel McKewen, Jeremy Meikle, Aria Merrison, Heath Middleton, Esther Moata’ane, Hollie Moloney, Harry Morrison, Jemma Mortimer, Matthew Mosley-O’Leary, Kiera Mullens, Harry Nai. Made Newson, Ethan O’Brien, Leah Olsen, Olivia Oram, Aya Oseki, Jack Pearson-Howell, Dawson Porthouse, Melissa Quinn, Oscar Robertson, Hayley Roding, Amelia Roulston, Daniel Ryan, Suliana Samita, Alexander Schonwald, Beatrice Schonwald, Rishi Shantapriyan, Sean Small, Hermione Sparks, Innocence Stevenson, Meadow Stewart, Laura Tagg, Levi Tainui, Matamatanonofo Taua, Isaac Taylor, Anamalia Tili, Isaac Tili, Therese Tili, Martyna Twardowska, Grzegorz Twardowski, Chloe Uluakiola, ‘Ofa Vaka’uta, Kandice Walker, Holly Waterworth, Sophie Waterworth, Eden Webb, Aaron Wee, Akein Wickramagedara, Dragon Winikoff.