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Otago Regional Council - Reduced Bus Timetable Information for Schools

Otago Regional Council —

Buses are running on a reduced timetable

How long will the reduced service run for? 

We expect the reduced service to be running at least until September. We will review how the service is running over the next few weeks and check in with our transport operators as to timeframes for any future service level changes.

What days and times will the reduced service run? 

In Dunedin, the reduced timetable will operate on weekdays, with normal weekend services running. 

Will Transit show the latest schedule? 

Yes, Transit will be up to date so you can plan your day. Pin your favourite routes and check daily for any service advisories. 

What if I use the bus to get home and it leaves before school finishes? 

Ask your teacher if you can leave a couple of minutes early to get the bus or make other arrangements with friends or parents to get home. 

Will there still be cancellations? 

The move to a reduced service means we are offering fewer services, but those services are more reliable. This should mean fewer cancelled trips. Check the Transit app, or the website each day to view alerts, or call us: 0800 OrbusDN 0800 672 8736 

Will the tracking and timetables work? 

The tracking and timetables should work. They have been set up so that passengers receive information on the new reduced services timetable. Any modifications to the current timetable would be notified via the ORC website alerts page, Orbus DN Facebook page and the Transit app. 

Why are you moving to a reduced timetable? 

Unfortunately, due to driver illnesses and shortages, we don’t have enough drivers available at the moment to cover the full timetable and have been cancelling a large number of services. To have a more reliable scheduled service, and reduce the number of cancellations, we have adopted a timetable with fewer services, which are more likely to be running.