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Photo by Anita Van den Beld

Netball 2019

Anita Van den Beld —

Just wanted to give you all a heads up about a few new changes here at Kavanagh and Dunedin Netball.

Firstly Dunedin Netball will be introducing mixed sections in senior and junior grades(i.e boys and girls) and shorter participation options. (More details to come).

Umpire Development Groups, Dunedin Netball will be running umpire courses at each secondary school for those who are interested in becoming an umpire, see Anita to express your interest.

Continuation of the U14/U15 Development Programme, led my Jo Morrison, and will be introducing this for the U17 age group in the second half of Term 1.

At Kavanagh we would also like to open up the option of Years 9 & 10 along with the senior levels to make up their own social teams, you can choose who you want in your team and if/when you want to train. You just need a parent/caregiver willing to be your weekly manager on the sideline.

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