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Special Character Reflection

Maliza and Pippa —

Good morning everyone

In today's reflection we are going to be focusing on Tongan language week. We also remember that we are starting mocks next week so we pray for everyone sitting these so they will be guided and kept safe during this time.

The Tongan flag consists of a red couped cross, representing their religious faith of Christianity. The red background symbolises the blood of Jesus Christ and the white signifying the purity. The flag implies that Christ should be at the centre of our lives in everything we do. Celebrating this within the community of Kavanagh inspires us to follow in the footsteps of Christ and be guided through each of our journeys in life.

Dear Lord, we pray together that God will keep influencing Tonga in prayer, that we all continue to be strong and courageous and that we remember the lord is with us wherever we go, Amen.

May everyone enjoy this week, let's keep Tonga in our hearts and goodluck to all, always remember to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Your Special Character Prefects, Pippa and Maliza