Celebrating Pentecost

Kathleen O'Kane —

On Wednesday 19th May, the College will celebrate the feast of Pentecost

This is one of the most important feast days of the year as it concludes the Easter season and celebrates the beginning of the Church. It occurs 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus and ten days after his ascension into heaven.

Pentecost is the celebration of the Holy Spirit coming upon the Apostles, Mary, and the first followers of Jesus, as they gathered together. The Holy Spirit gave the apostles gifts necessary to fulfill the commission - to go out and preach the Gospel to all nations.

It was after Pentecost that Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, first preached to various cultures spreading the messages of the Old and New Testaments. Pentecost is now celebrated as the birth of the Church.

To celebrate the occasion the College will celebrate with a Mass and students will be encouraged to wear mufti. The purpose of the mufti day is to encourage students to look at their own cultural background, and to understand that we are all united by our faith. The clothes should be appropriate to their culture. 

As a College we seek to also fulfill the words of Matthew 28:19 to ‘... go and make disciples of all nations….’