Hero photograph
Photo by Anita Van den Beld

New uniform items for sale

Anita Van den Beld —

Navy 3/4 tights $30.00, Navy spandex shorts $25.00, Kavanagh College winter scarf $35.00

We now have  spandex shorts and 3/4 tights that can be purchased to be worn in P.E class and as part of the sports uniform for weekly sports competitions. 

There are sample sizes at the Bursars office and they will be ordered once paid for. They will take approx 1 1/2 weeks from you ordering them to be delivered to school. 

We also have a winter scarf available for purchase . These will arrive in about two weeks and can be purchased straight from the Bursars office for $35.00. Well done to the Sports Prefects who designed and ordered the scarf. 

Images below.