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Galloping to the finish line.

Rachel Mortimer —

Our mock assessment week is over so students will have an idea of how they are placed for the November examinations.

We appreciate the support of whānau for their students to achieve to the best of their ability and if students didn't receive the marks they would like, there is just over 6 weeks before the real examinations start on Monday 7 November. There will be tutorial updates and workshops advertised to help your child reach their goals.

Meanwhile, students have been still been working on their internal standards and more have earned their Excellence endorsement. The government has announced that in 2022, the requirement has reduced to 46 Excellence credits. These students have their endorsement already and the list has grown since our last update. Well done on your achievement. 

Year 11

Phoebe Harris, John Ramos, Elijah Booth, Charlotte Harris, Jeremy Meikle, Daisy Jarvie, Tia Mawhinney, Danny Botting, Alice Kelsall and Oliver Lodge. 

Year 12

Jemma Mortimer, April Gamao, Ella Reilly, Matthew Mosley-O'Leary, Samuel Kelly, Melanie Noquilla.

Year 13

Lachie Allibone, Madi Buckley, Olive Scurr, Gabe Vink, Caoimhe Dowd, Maliza Alakahoon, Sarah Al-Balushi.