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Attitude Stress & Anxiety - Response to Covid-19
Video by Attitude Programmes for Schools


Ant Harris —

Attitude were due to visit us for their annual presentations right before lockdown arrived

Instead they have sent the above video which looks at strategies that young people can use to practically deal with stress. 

They focus on 4 tips in particular, which are:

Breathe. We know that when you are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety your brain floods with chemicals and activates a fight or flight response. It’s very difficult to “think” your way out of stress while your brain is in this mode. Our first tip is to slow your breathing, be calm and be present.

Talk to the right people. Young people are constantly bombarded with bad advice and misinformation from the public and online which may increase anxiety. At Attitude we are committed to connecting young people to their families and developing good relationships with those that care.

Time out. It’s crucial that young people take time out of their days to be present. We encourage young people to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with people face to face in their homes.

We are in this together. Young people need to be constantly reminded that they are not alone. How they feel may not always match reality. We always point audiences towards the right people to talk to and great resources for support such as Youthline.