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Photo by Tor Devereux


Staff —

In the first weekend of the holidays, Tobias Devereux (Year 13) and William Jarvie (Year 8) both took part in the Southern Scramble speedcubing competition, along with ex-Kavanagh College student Andrew Wilson.

There were 13 different categories participants could enter such as one-handed, 2x2x2 through to 7x7x7 and megaminx.

Tobias and William both made it through to the second round of the pyraminx and the 2x2x2, while Tobias also qualified for the second round of the 3x3x3 and just missed out on the final for this one. However, Tobias did make it to the final of the 3x3x3 blindfolded (being only one of two competitors to complete a solve in this event) and went on to win it solving all three scrambles with an average time of 1:34.90. In case you’re wondering, this section actually involves solving a Rubik’s cube while blindfolded! Competitors are allowed to study the scrambled cube, then the blindfold goes on and they must solve the cube by remembering where the pieces are.

The Kavanagh Rubik’s Cube Club will continue this term every Thursday lunchtime in M36 – and Kavanagh will have its very own speedcubing competition towards the end of the term.