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Attitudes to Learning aka Snapshot 2 as been published

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Details of how to access are given below.

Instructions for accessing the parent portal are found here

If you go to the caregiver portal, click on reports, choose attitude to learning and you will be able to download a pdf file of the latest ATL with the numbers and any teacher comments. What the numbers represent for each category is at the bottom of the report.

If you go to the app and scroll down, there will be the "Attitude to Learning" section and your child's name. The default view will be the "Subject" and you can choose each subject one at a time. This graph will build over time to show you changes for your child in that subject.

If you choose "Category" from the top, it will show you the categories of Attendance, Managing Self, Engagement and Achievement for each subject.

Finally, you can choose "All" and each subject is shown with the number for each category and this is where you can see if a teacher added a comment as well.