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Year 10 Aquatic Lessons

Anthony Harris —

All Year 10 classes are completing four or five aquatic lessons during Term 2. These will occur during timetabled Health and Physical Education time at Moana Pool

The focus of the lessons will be on participating in a variety of aquatic activities including swimming, snorkelling, aqua jogging, diving, water polo etc.

Each student will be issued with a detailed notice prior to their first lesson.

The lessons will be taught and supervised by your child’s Health and Physical Education teacher. Moana Pool lifeguards will also be on duty at the pool during each lesson.

Students will walk to and from Moana Pool. They will not always be accompanied by their teacher during these walks. Students will be clearly instructed on the safe procedure for walking to and from Moana Pool.

If you have any information about your child’s swimming ability that would be important for the teacher to be aware of, or there is important medical information that the teacher should know please make contact – 4773408 or harrisa@kavanagh.school.nz.

Anthony Harris, (HOD Health and Physical Education)